To define boundaries, unlock land value and protect development integrity.


Core Values


The center of our business

Smith Land Surveyors exists to help our clients achieve their land development goals. We value their position as property owners or property professionals and believe our clients should know where they stand when it comes to their land and their project. We’re a deep well of surveying insights and expertise and enjoy sharing our knowledge with our clients to help them avoid risk, think big and get the most out of their project. Our clients are our focus. Our team thrives on delivering exceptional service. And we actively encourage client feedback.


Quality over quantity

We are perfectionists and treat all projects as though they were our own. Our experienced team of licensed surveyors and development consultants deliver high quality land surveying and development planning services to help our clients proceed with confidence and certainty.


Accountability is the best policy

As licensed surveyors it is our duty to protect the integrity of Victoria's legal system of land boundaries (The Cadastre). We value our position in our professional community, and always ensure that our team operates with sound moral and ethical principles to define, manage and protect the legalities of land ownership and property development. No matter how big or small their project is, our clients can trust our team to deliver an honest product with accountable service.


Let's do it better

We value improvement. Without innovation we would still be using links and chains to perform surveys. Our talented team actively seeks new tools, technology and techniques to provide our clients with greater data accuracy and efficiency.


Knowledge is power

Our expertise as licensed surveyors provides us with a unique position to legally define, manage and protect land ownership for our clients. We are committed to maintaining our knowledge in cadastral law, planning and titles by meeting the standards of our governing body (The Surveyors Registration Board of Victoria) and fostering industry succession through training of graduate surveyors to become licensed surveyors.