Engineering & Construction Surveys

Engineering & Construction Surveys

Engineering & Construction Surveys

Surveys designed for the construction world.

For engineers and construction teams, Engineering and Construction Surveys provide exact measurements on the positioning of your projects, and how they are progressing on the ground in comparison to your design plans.

Our survey team will work with you to develop a sound understanding of your project brief and provide professional surveying services to make sure your structure is planned and built within set tolerances, and complies with quality standards and building regulations.

We tailor Engineering and Construction Surveys to match your project needs. Submit your Quote Request Form today to receive a detailed fee proposal. Or contact us to discuss your project requirements.

Volume and Earthwork Surveys - data you can build on

A Volume Survey determines the exact excavation or fill quantities for your construction project. It calculates the volume of measurable material such as earth or landfill in cubic or square metres. Armed with data on existing and required volumes, you can better plan your project, coordinate resources and minimise costs.

Our Volume Surveys include:

Initial Level and Feature Survey

Volume Calculation Survey

Data comparison of various surveys to give an accurate volume calculation

Preparation of Volume Calculation Report

Our team of professional Licensed Land Surveyors and technicians use accurate, scientific equipment to provide volume surveys to suit both small and large scale projects, including earthworks, stockpiling or cut/fill to design.

You can upload our survey data to your grader and other machinery to provide precise, streamlined volume calculations to help with your contractor agreements.

As-Built Surveys - stick to the project plan

As-Built Surveys (AKA As Constructed Surveys) detect and record the horizontal and vertical location of all existing structures on your site. Performed periodically during the construction process, these surveys check that your actual structure is compatible with its original plan. The data provides accurate milestones to make sure your construction project is conforming to your plan, and to flag any variances early so you can save time and money on any remediation work.

Construction managers, engineers and councils rely on As-Built Surveys when designing and constructing facilities such as shopping centres or schools.

Our As-Built Surveys include:

Initial assessment of your survey and design plans to identify the features required for location during the Survey

Site survey to connect to any previous survey control, and locate as-built features

Preparation of As-Built Survey Plan including information in format required by council or construction standards

Smith Land Surveyors’ team of professionals will complete your As-Built Survey using the latest mapping and measuring equipment, ensuring your construction project stays on track and in the right place.

Construction Set Out Surveys - your design marked on your land

These surveys use the dimensions from your site plan to create an accurate ‘on the ground’ map of the exterior walls, gridlines and/or other nominated points of your structure. We provide appropriate marks on site in a stable and suitable position for your construction team to follow during the building process.

Our Construction Set Out Surveys include:

  • Pre-survey calculations of grids or exterior building walls
  • Site survey to:
    • Locate existing features/datum points for correct position and orientation on site
    • Set out all points for exterior walls in suitable and stable position for future construction
  • Post-survey data checks and plan preparation to show the set out points placed on site

The position and orientation of your structure can sometimes be referenced by your title boundaries. To achieve the most accurate Construction Set-Out Survey, our team needs to first perform a Title Re-Establishment Survey to be able to place your structure in the correct position. It’s pointless to set out your structure according to your boundaries if they haven’t been re-established yet.

Because property boundaries are by nature unpredictable, our policy at Smith Land Surveyors is to only do Set Out Surveys after performing a Title Re-Establishment Survey.