As-Built Surveys (AKA As Constructed Surveys) detect and record the horizontal and vertical location of all existing structures on your site. Performed periodically during the construction process, these surveys check that your actual structure is compatible with its original plan. The data provides accurate milestones to make sure your construction project is conforming to your plan, and to flag any variances early so you can save time and money on any remediation work.

Construction managers, engineers and councils rely on As-Built Surveys when designing and constructing facilities such as shopping centres or schools.

Our As-Built Surveys include:

Initial assessment of your survey and design plans to identify the features required for location during the Survey

Site survey to connect to any previous survey control, and locate as-built features

Preparation of As-Built Survey Plan including information in format required by council or construction standards

Smith Land Surveyors’ team of professionals will complete your As-Built Survey using the latest mapping and measuring equipment, ensuring your construction project stays on track and in the right place.