When do I need it?

When you want your planning permit for subdivision and certification of subdivision completed ASAP and you prefer to avoid the paper trail, follow-up calls and confusing subdivision jargon.

What’s included in the project coordination service?

We know our way around planning permits and have developed relationships with numerous councils, referral authorities and other contacts to get your application moving. We are proficient SPEAR users, which helps us monitor your application and stay on top of all required actions.

Let our experienced team do all the hard work for you and ensure your subdivision gets across the line in the fastest, most cost-efficient way.

Our project coordination service takes care of the following conditions on your planning permit:

Engineering Drainage

We determine and advise on requirements for engineering drainage such as stormwater construction and wastewater detention systems. We also request and advise you about wastewater levy information.

Water Authority

We prepare the application for costs and conditions to your water authority and follow up with them on timelines for certification and Statement of Compliance.

Power Authority

We prepare the application for costs and conditions to your relevant power authority and follow up on timelines for certification and Statement of Compliance.


We organise relevant telecommunications requirements via our recommended licensed pit and pipe provider.

Section 173 Agreements

We get quotes for preparation of your Section 173 agreement, if required.

Council Engineering

We determine and advise on other engineering requirements such as concrete crossovers, inspections, any special permits, and follow up with timelines for certification and Statement of Compliance.

General Conditions

We follow up with council or any other referral authorities as needed.

Regular Client Updates

We keep in regular contact with you about the progress of your certification application and provide you with SPEAR updates along the way.

Note: our project coordination service does not include:

  • - Payment of any services to external parties for you or on your behalf
  • - Engaging any subcontractors on your behalf (for example, plumbers or electricians)
  • - Lodgement of your documents at Land Use Victoria – you will need a legal representative to action this for you.

When you choose our project coordination service, we will provide you with an additional fee proposal outlining the scope of included works and the additional hourly rate fee incurred.