A lettable area survey is designed to measure the occupiable floor space and/or land area of your property for leasing purposes.

Our surveys are based on the Property Council of Australia (PCA) ‘Method of Measurement of Lettable Area’ guidelines. They assist with rental calculations to enter, renew or negotiate a lease, and property market assessments.

Accurate survey data is essential to protect the interests of property owners, property managers, investors, buyers and tenants, and inform leasing agents of areas available for lease.

What type of Lettable Area Survey do I need?

We provide three methods of measuring lease areas. The one you need depends on your property type.

Gross Lettable Area (GLA) Surveys – commercial and industrial properties

Our GLA surveys calculate total lettable floor space using measurements taken from exterior wall surfaces and/or the mid-line of any shared walls, and include areas such as mezzanine floors.

GLA surveys are used for a range of properties including showrooms, warehouses, industrial buildings and freestanding supermarkets.

Gross Lettable Area Retail (GLAR) Surveys – retail tenancies

Our GLAR surveys take measurements from the internal surfaces on the exterior walls and/or midline of any shared walls to calculate the total occupiable floor space. Areas of exclusive use for the occupant such as basements and mezzanines are included in the survey.

GLAR surveys are used to accurately determine the retail tenancy areas in commercial buildings, shopping centres, strip shops, semi-detached or terrace type shops, and free-standing shops.

Net Lettable Area (NLA) Surveys – office buildings

Our NLA surveys take measurements from the internal surfaces on the exterior walls and/or mid-line of any shared walls and excludes areas such as toilets, stair wells, vertical service ducts and lift lobbies to calculate the total occupiable floor space.

NLA surveys are used to identify the floor space of multi-storey properties and office buildings.

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