Do you have common property on your land that’s no longer active? Does your common property need to be altered to suit current conditions? We can help you unlock the potential value of your property by dissolving or amending an owner’s corporation that’s no longer relevant.

Common property areas include land, buildings and airspace that are not defined lots. They are collectively owned by multiple lot owners who share these areas. Many subdivisions involve common property in the form of passages, walls, gardens, stairwells, pathways, driveways, lifts, foyers and fences. Common property must be managed by an owner’s corporation, which places restrictions on what you can and can’t do on your land and the common property shared with other lot owners.

As Licensed Land Surveyors we can create, dissolve and amend common property land parcels to suit your requirements. We do this in association with your legal representative and the associated owner’s corporation company.